Wines From Martinborough New Zealand
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Thirty glorious years

2010 marks 30 years since plantings began in Martinborough. In only three decades, Martinborough has transformed from a sleepy colonial town to world-class wine village, taking an enviable, attention-grabbing collection of international awards from 1990.  Leading international wine media and other influencers helped celebrate this Pioneering Perfection achievement ahead of the Pinot Noir Conference in early February. 

Because such senior wine people are in heavy demand worldwide, we wanted them to have a range of memorable, distinctively Martinborough activities to complement the more serious wine tastings. 

The events included a new release wine tasting (co-ordinated by Wellington Regional Wine Growers Association), vineyard visits, an aged wine tasting of 2004 – 2007 pinot noir followed by an intimate dinner at Neil McCallum’s home. The next day they enjoyed a variety of experiences with the region’s winemakers, followed by lunch prepared by Logan Brown’s Al Brown and Steve Logan at Richard Riddiford’s home, before returning to Wellington by helicopter for the start of PN2010.

Check out details on Jamie Goode’s blog: also his Day 5 Martinborough/Wairarapa blog.

Martinborough was honoured that some of the biggest names in wine writing in the UK, US and Australia accepted our invitation, along with selected wine buyers and sommeliers. Watch this space for some of their articles to come.