Wines From Martinborough New Zealand
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Vintage Statistics

Fact File 

This information is compiled from 2009 vintage survey results, coordinated by New Zealand Winegrowers.  The data covers the whole Wellington/Wairarapa region, including Masterton, Gladstone and the Kapiti Coast as well as Martinborough. Data for Martinborough vineyards and wineries is not separately available.

  2000  2009
Wellington/Wairarapa producing area (ha) 327ha  871*
Number of vineyards 37 58
Vintage tonnage 1,124 4421
* forward estimate

Predominant varieties for the 2008 and 2009 vintages

Varieties 2008
(% of total)
(% of total)
Pinot Noir  48 47
Sauvignon Blanc 34 35
Chardonnay 7
Pinot Gris 4
Riesling 5
Cabernets, Merlot, Syrah and other varieties  6 3

  • Industry forecasts to 2011 anticipate that Pinot Noir will continue to dominate this region with Sauvignon Blanc increasing as a percentage of total production, and other varieties remaining about the same
  • The Wairarapa region accounts for only three percent of national average by vineyard area
  • From such boutique scale and low crop levels, the Wairarapa produces only one percent of the national average by volume
  • Virtually all Martinborough wineries are characterised as small (annual wine sales of less than 200K litres) with only two achieving annual sales of more than 200K litres
  • This information is based on New Zealand Winegrowers classification
  • Only Central Otago and Auckland regions are similar in having more than 90 percent of its wineries in the small category ; Hawkes Bay and Marlborough are  60 and over 76 percent respectively (2008 figures)