Wines From Martinborough New Zealand
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Sustainable Winegrowing  

With typical far-sighted initiative, Martinborough wineries were among the forefront of sustainable vineyard management, including a world-first achievement of formal international ISO standards and Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand accreditation.
Organic and bio-dynamic vineyards are increasing as winemakers understand that environmentally sustainable practices for land care, soil balance, winery management and energy efficiency complement and support wine quality.


Founding Martinborough wine company Dry River is accredited to the CarboNZero programme

Martinborough wineries


Members of Sustainable
Winegrowers programme


Accredited to ISO 14000 environmental management standard

Alana Estate Vineyard Y N
Ata Rangi Vineyard Y Y
Craggy Range Vineyard Y N
Dry River N N
Margrain Vineyard Y N
Martinborough Vineyard Y Y
Nga Waka Vineyard Y N
Palliser Estate Y Y
Te Kairanga Vineyard Y N
The Escarpment Vineyard Y N