Wines From Martinborough New Zealand
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Martinborough Geographic Indication (GI) 

Martinborough’s superbly stylish wines have deservedly achieved world- class status, and naturally also deserve their own international identity. 

Taking a pro-active approach to enhance and protect their stellar reputation for premium wines, local winemakers have defined the specific geology and geography that underpins their uniqueness and created a Martinborough Appellation.

The Martinborough Appellation identifies and encapsulates premium quality boutique wine from this place.  Only qualifying wines can use ‘Martinborough’ in product descriptions, helping consumers recognise these acclaimed wines and buy and enjoy them with confidence.


Innovative Martinborough was the first wine district to prepare its appellation under New Zealand‘s Geographical Indications (Wine and Spirits) Registration Act 2006.  This pending legislation allows the industry to define and protect the names of its winegrowing regions and localities.

This geographical identification protects the use of ‘Martinborough’ by restricting its use to wines produced from grapes grown within the legally defined area, and containing a minimum of 85 percent of Martinborough grown grapes.

The boundaries are defined by a combination of physical points (including the Ruamahanga River to the west and Haurangi State Forest Park to the south) and territorial points between local authorities. 

For a map showing the planned Martinborough Geographic Indication, please click here to view the Wairarapa map, and please click here to view the Martinborough map. 

Martinborough Appellation boundaries, as prepared to be registered under the Geographical Indications (Wine and Spirits) Registration Act 2006, click here to find out more.